Ready To Learn

What is Ready To Learn?

Ready To Learn- Sponsored by PBS Utah

Ready To Learn- Sponsored by PBS Utah

Ready To Learn parenting workshops help parents raise healthy children. The twelve workshops present key steps in your child’s development, demonstrate how to combine media with reading, and provide hands-on activities to enhance your child’s learning. Each month, participants receive fun activities to do with their children and a complimentary children’s book. Pizza and child care are provided at most locations. This program is made available through partnership with PBS Utah.

Because of COVID-19, we are currently offering Ready To Learn classes on our Welcome Baby Facebook page. They occur on the second Tuesday of each month. Particpants watch the class, fill out a short survey, and receive a free book in the mail.

View the Facbook Live classes here.

We also have one in-person class per month. It will be held at the Utah County Health Department on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Precautionary measures have been put in place to keep all participants safe.

RSVP for in-person course here.

You can also view classes that have been previously recorded and posted on Youtube.

View the recorded classes here.

You can also click on the links below to access the printable handouts for each of the classes.

  1. The Benefits of Media and the Learning Triangle
  2. Rhymers are Readers: The Importance of Nursery Rhymes
  3. Music is a Must
  4. Storytelling: You Can Do It!
  5. The Brain: How Children Develop
  6. The FUNdamental Powers of Play
  7. What is Emotion? Social and Emotional Development
  8. What Do You Do with the Mad That You Feel?
  9. Who is my child? Understanding Temperament
  10. Math is Everywhere!
  11. Shared Reading: Tools to Bring Literacy to Life
  12. Learning Through the Early Years: The Benefits of Repetition and Variation
  13. Building Blocks: The Sequence of Emergent Literacy Skills
  14. Teaching STEM/STEAM at Home

Success Stories

“[Ready to Learn] teaches me a lot! I learn more of my children's development and how alternate ways to respond to different behaviors. It also really empowers me as a mother. I LOVE these classes and I look forward to them each month! I also love the handouts they give, because we use them at home and we really enjoy the learning and fun they are. Also free lunch..that's just the cherry on top :) thanks everyone for helping my family!”

“The free books make my kids think books are the coolest things. I feel more confident and way more informed. It has radically improved by parenting”

"[Ready to Learn] gives me a chance to relax while my daughter is being looked after... I also really like that I can learn about child development and how to apply the principles to my parenting right now. The free books are great too!”